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Great Lakes Cruises

Our Great Lakes Cruises embark on a thrilling expedition along North America’s historic five Great Lakes and the storied St. Lawrence River to the breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic coast. Choose from four remarkable itineraries that include time to explore British Strongholds, the New England colonies, rare stops in quaint French Canadian villages, Victorian-era towns rich with seafaring history, and remote islands with spectacular wildlife viewing and fascinating local cultures.

Experiences we offer


11 day Cruise: Montreal to Detroit (or reverse)

From Montreal to Detroit or reverse, the North American spirit is on full display. With an exclusive tour through the Thousand Islands, this route offers both metropolitan flair and natural wonder within one journey.


11 Day Cruise: Chicago to Toronto (or reverse)

Explore unique sites and attractions along Dive into North America’s maritime legacy on board the Ocean Voyager™ and Ocean Navigator™ Your vacation begins as we prepare to set sail on a Great Lakes adventure, stopping at Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac Island and other intoxicating ports along the way. We invite you to indulge in relaxation, engage in experience and cultivate the soul on this unforgettable journey. 


13 Day Cruise: Chicago to Montreal (or reverse)

City skylines ebb into lazy lake shores as we sail beneath empyrean ether. Marvel at the singular beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the southern Canadian coast. Mackinac Island tenders a peace rarely found on the mainland. Niagara Falls inspires awe at every visit. These bounties and more await when you step aboard.


16 Day Cruise: Roundtrip Chicago

Urban allure launches this remarkable voyage, fusing with mystic Michigan hideaways. Join us on this true Lake Superior showcase to discover its hidden treasures. The down-home charm remains authentic and precious in bewitching stops such as Duluth, Thunder Bay and Marquette. This is a journey for dreamers and discoverers alike. 


American Queen Voyages – Great Lakes Cruises is your first choice for immersive and all-inclusive coastal cruising. Our shore excursions are led by knowledgeable local guides and provide meaningful opportunities to uncover the rich history and fascinating cultures of the Great Lakes. Our remarkable itineraries include time to explore lovely towns in the Great Lakes area where you can enjoy shopping, stroll along the docks, or relax in waterfront parks. We go all out to give you the opportunity to see and experience the Great Lakes, at a pace that suits your needs and tastes. Find the best Great Lakes cruise with American Queen Voyages.